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The cabinet reshuffle can positively contribute in Turkey’s outlook

The most exciting development in Turkey yesterday was the cabinet reshuffle. Some were excluded from cabinet list whereas some members of the parliament are appointed as new ministers. Also, changes are made concerning the cabinet positions. This can be analysed as follows: Kelime: 343

Turkey has still got some structural issues to solve

In one my previous reports I wrote when Trump came to office, I had said, “He might not even get support from his own party in the Senate”. Yesterday was the day this prediction has become true.  Kelime: 341

USD/TRY is falling is an unmissable opportunity to buy at any level

Expectations about USD/TRY started getting lower as of this morning.  Yesterday, I’ve told you the reason why exchange rates are changing every week. Kelime: 350

No one is smarter or more prescient than the market itself

The new weeks starts with decline in USD/TRY. This time, there’s a global reason for this fall. No matter what the reason originates from, markets have lately offered numerous opportunities to those with FX debt or payment.  Kelime: 327

Turkey and Turkish people had left all troubles behind

Almost a year ago from today, on the night of July 15th, Turkey has returned back from the threshold of a terrible nightmare. Supported by tanks, jets and helicopters; the uprising was repressed by the total defence from the Turkish people. Many people are killed and injured on the streets as the perpetrators of this treacherous attempt have unfortunately dared to fire on civilians.  We owe them so much.  Kelime: 348

Interest rates will rise, balance sheets will shrink

Yesterday, we witnessed USD/TRY's sudden and swift decline. As a matter of fact, there's no reason at all for the duo to drop so harshly. These kind of events clearly show that, in monetary and capital markets, there's very high volatility indeed. Kelime: 322

Fund flow is the only remedy that can reduce the interest rates

We can see that evidence linking Trump’s election campaign to Russia is being covered by the press just before Fed Chair Yellen’s speech at the U.S. House of Representatives.  Kelime: 304

Turkey is currently the best of the below league

Industrial production data released yesterday had us all confused. Markets didn’t react too much to production figures which came out better than the same month of the last year, yet worse than the previous month this year.  Kelime: 303