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New tensions in the Middle East would be very unfortunate

As a new week begins, there are brand new items on world agenda. With Trump's inauguration, tens of thousands of people across the US have taken part in protests, namely Women's March, against the new President. Whatever Trumps says or does is harshly criticized by the media. Also, it doesn't get unnoticed that the new US President tries hard so that he can't fail to strike back against the harsh criticism. Kelime: 295

The global purchasing power of the Turkish people has largely decreased

As the final trading day of the week begins, we can see that USD/TRY keeps gathering strength, which apparently cheers the domestic gold investors up the most. Kelime: 479

How high should interest rates go so exchange rates can calm down?

The fact that the Turkish Central Bank is under a huge pressure right now about the interest rate hike reveals the utter importance of the decision. Kelime: 459

Growth is the most major risk

Let’s see where CBRT's actions will lead them to in the end as they keep making up new financial instruments, and USD/TRY continues to fluctuate between an upper band of 3.80 and a lower band of 3.75. Kelime: 401

Managing Your Website’s SEO Health

The world of information makes managing a website’s health and performance easy. You have many performance tools to choose from. A healthy website has improved search engine visibility, speed, and user experience. Kelime: 914

3 LinkedIn Tools, for E-commerce

There is more to LinkedIn than resumes and help wanted ads. LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional business network with more than 450 million members in over 200 countries. Professional people are joining LinkedIn at a rate of more than two per second. Kelime: 510

Exchange rates are doomed to fall hard

As the week comes to an end, we can see that investors are having tremendous difficulty keeping up with market movements. As you might remember that a couple of weeks back I said, “I will run another analysis once USD/TRY tests 4.00”. Yesterday, it almost hit 3.94 and then sharply fell because of the CBRT decisions on both lira and foreign currency liquidity. I must admit, however, that I find it odd seeing USD/TRY rise so swiftly just as I think a sharp drop is equally curious. Kelime: 307

We are sailing away on undiscovered seas

During a television program I attended yesterday, I told the same things about the USD/TRY trend I’ve been telling in my reports lately. "I told everything that need to be told. Let the fortune tellers tell you the rest". Kelime: 373