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I would like to bow my head all those innocent people

Today started with the echoes of the Manchester Arena terror attack that shook us all yesterday. This devastating incident, that caused so many deaths and injuries, showed once again that terror can find us anytime, anywhere. Kelime: 366

Turkish economy must make substantial moves before the end of the year

During the weekend, I had chance to talk to some of the most experienced financiers, economists and business people of Turkey. Kelime: 306

Euro/Dollar parity keeps increasing as Trump gets himself into trouble

This trading week will last one day short. Tomorrow, monetary and capital markets in Turkey will be closed; because of national holiday. I just want to say, “Carry on the flame” to all Turkish people and to everyone who gets inspired by this Republic, this wondrous miracle of Ataturk who has always been motivated by these wise words; “Nothing is impossible”. Kelime: 346

Past fun days come back for the market actors

Early this morning, I took a look at all the news and comments covering Erdogan-Trump meeting. There’s nothing more to add except the same things I’ve been sharing with you since the beginning of the week. Kelime: 342

Ankara adopt a different model from this day forward

The trading week in Turkey concludes earlier in observance of May 19th. I’d like to say a few words about the utter importance of May 19, 1919; the first milestone towards the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. Kelime: 378

Our most prestigious moment will be where others will sing our praises

As the new week begins, President Erdogan’s US talks seem like the most important source of motivation in Turkey to some people. According to others, it is nothing but a nerve-racking wait. Kelime: 340

Fed won’t keep interest rates stable for long

As another trading week comes to an end, the only striking detail of the week, except some routine developments, is the fact that inflation is significantly rising in the US. Kelime: 314

The problem is not  production solely education

President Erdoğan is set to meet with Trump soon. The fact that Trump has recently put his signature on an approval for a plan to directly arm certain groups that have been clearly identified as “terrorist groups” by Turkey indicates that the talks between two leaders will resume uneasy talks. Kelime: 472