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Trying to make profit out of speculations might lead to a financial wreck

The new week begins with a sharp increase in Euro/Dollar parity, which might have been cause by a number of various reasons. The fact that Le Pen might lose France’s presidential election and the chances that Fed will hike interest rates at the next meeting are going down are among those reasons. Kelime: 456

The Ministry of Economy may switch strategies soon

Final day of the trading week started a bit bumpy. Another important development of the week is that Paris shooting rattles France as presidential election approaches. French police says that the attack is terrorist in nature. Kelime: 305

Should we invest in Turkey or not?

Yesterday, I had chance to have a talk with highly experienced financial officers who know their stuff really well. As you might have guessed already, the topic of the conversation was Turkey. To tell you the truth, neither of us thought about Trump, Merkel or May calling for UK early election; because, our 2-hour long conversation almost solely focused on Turkey issues.   Kelime: 499

“There are times to listen to voters and there are times to lead!" 

As USD/TRY continues to fluctuate, foreign investors’ hesitation to put their money in Turkish market doesn’t go unnoticed, which is quite normal considering the odds are high that credit rating agencies will downgrade Turkey’s outlook again.  Kelime: 277

It would not be very realistic to expect exchange rates become calmer

Although the referendum is over after-referendum discussions don’t seem like they will stop soon.  After a breathless Turkish referendum, leaders continue accusing each other. By the way, markets seem like calm after the “yes” vote have narrowly win the referendum whereas they have been expected rise. As USD/TRY remains above 3.70, benchmark interest rate is presently trading at 11%. And the recently announced employment rate, which is 13%, sadly shows that the referendum was not a remedy for all disease. Kelime: 252

Markets to be alert all the time

Here’s the summary of this referendum: While a little larger part of half of Turkey’s population expressed their desire for a new form of government, the other half thinks that there is no need for such change whatsoever. That certain decision given by the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey when the counting of votes began, has unfortunately caused the tensions escalate, it even made the referendum a bit obscure, and particularly contestable. It looks like this decision of Supreme Electoral Council, which was in clear contradiction with the relevant Law Articles, is never going to cease to be a part of critical discussions. Also, the “This is not the first time that Supreme Electoral Council has made such a decision” statement was not enough alone to put people’s minds at ease and make them feel better. Kelime: 436

We should not be very surprised to see USD/TRY falling down

As USD/TRY is swiftly going down, BIST’s mostly flat closes and increasing interest rates demonstrate that everything that used to be seen as unusual has sadly become usual. Kelime: 286