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Markets focused on positive aspects of Yellen’s remarks

The week comes to an end as the US releases pretty complicated economic data and oil prices still maintain their weak trend. Kelime: 234

No more cheap money!

The day started pretty glum due to British Parliament attack. That’s another example of how that terror can viciously strike anywhere anytime. The fact that it happened in a place and in a time that anyone could have imagined, sadly shows that no one is really safe. Kelime: 281

It’s a bit hard for the 90s trend to make a comeback

As we enter the middle of the trading week, let’s have a look at the latest trends in financial markets. Kelime: 357

Turkey keep suffering from an identity crisis

As European elections and Turkish referendum approaches, both leaders start sounding harsh and rough.  Kelime: 271

Moody’s decision should not be very surprising to anyone

The new week begins with ratings agency Moody's cut its outlook on Turkey's rating to negative, which strengthens the possibility of Turkey’s outlook, is to be downgraded again for the next rating. Kelime: 352

Uygulanan politikalarda bir hata var!

Haftaya Türkiye'nin kredi notu görünümün Moody's tarafından negatife düşürülmesiyle başlıyoruz. Bu karar, bundan sonraki izleme sonunda Türkiye'nin kredi notunun bir kere daha düşürülmesi ihtimalini güçlendiriyor.  Kelime: 234

What’s the result? 

People were quite curious about the CBRT decision yesterday. I, personally, mentioned in yesterday’s report what CBRT should do, that a “simplification” is needed, it has even became a must, and the time has come to clear minds of confusion; minds that are deeply troubled because of multiple interest rates. Kelime: 317

 From this day forward, you forget about the "cheap money!

Fed has finally made its decision. Yellen emphasized a certain important fact that I have occasionally mentioned in my previous reports; “Interest rates will hit 2% inflation target”, she declared. She even said that they might not stop there. Kelime: 312