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Monetary and capital markets look quite bouncing

As the week comes to an end, we can see that Turkey’s economic outlook comes out more positive compared to previous months’ forecasts. On the one hand, international financial institutions lowered their USD/TRY expectations from 4.00 to 3.80 in the short-term; on the other, according to some, Mexican and Turkish government bonds are “too cheap” compared to its counterparts. Kelime: 288

High taxes makes living more and more expensive

Government continues to give tax cuts to boost the economy. By the way, that is Turkey I am talking about, not the United Stated. From those who regularly pay their taxes to the stakeholders in construction industry, many individuals and corporations are given tax breaks. By the way, an agricultural debt restructuring program intended for agriculture sector’s credits loans and electricity debt is accepted by the Parliament. Kelime: 364

Turkey has got any substantial story to offer to the world

As we enter the middle of the week, we can see that financial markets are having struggle to find their direction. Kelime: 237

The drop in USD/TRY is just a conjunctural

As we enter the final trading day of the week, let me make a quick overview of markets today. First, a global tour. Kelime: 366

USD might swiftly go up

It seems like fluctuations in exchange rates will continue for a little while more. The fact that USD/TRY keeps falling while, on the other hand, benchmark bond and Istanbul Stock Exchange continue to go up are real interesting. Kelime: 238

How the Sovereign Wealth Fund should operate

Same issues again and again in Turkey: "Should we buy dollar?” I no longer give quick answers, instead I just ask, “Is there any reason at all for dollar to fall?” People usually tend to give a clear response to this particular question: “No.” Then, comes in my second question: “What should we do if a financial instrument goes down when there is no reason for it to go down at all?” The answer to that question is pretty obvious too: “Start buying. But be careful and do not rush in”. These are not my words. These are the answers given by people who asked my opinion about USD/TRY. I think we can easily make something out of those answers. Yesterday, I was asked about the SWF as well, such as “Why did the Administration choose to establish this fund?” Kelime: 547

We all better take a very close watch of markets

Monday got off to a quick start. Having set up the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), Government has assigned the managers of the fund as well. After the transfer of National Lottery Administration, Turkey transferred its stakes in several major institutions of the Republic of Turkey. We will have to wait and see how the finance generated by SWF will contribute Turkey’s development. Kelime: 322

We are soon to get through a storm

Fed has decided to leave the interest rates intact. That’s what they have been expected to do anyway. And to justify this decision, they said, “Despite the fact that employment is increasing, investment climate is still not strong enough”. Stating that inflation rates might touch 2% in the medium-term, Fed has also underlined that they would be less cruel towards the markets until inflation rates reach that level. Kelime: 359