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The era of cheap money is over

Fed has finally released that much anticipated statement. Although interest rates have been kept stable, they said they would reduce the balance sheet. Kelime: 353

BIST went through a swift fall

"If North Korea attacks, we have no choice but to destroy them" These are the words Donald Trump, the US President. He repeated those words over and over again at the UN press conference. On the other hand, President Erdogan's release was something more like, "how to achieve a peaceful world". Kelime: 296

People always insist on going on their own way

"...I will continue to point out that foreign currency risk is only a secondary risk, and receivables risk has become more crucial than ever...." Kelime: 320

Everybody has mixed expectations for 2018

"...we will see a competition between the private and the public sector for funding, globally..." Kelime: 379

Cash injection is needed into market

CBRT held rates steady as expected. I have already told you in yesterday’s report that this would be the course of action they would take. It doesn’t take a “great expert” or a “fortune-teller” to foresee this.  Kelime: 302

Investors are no longer interest in “stability”, they set focus to "future

"..no central bank in the world would take a radical step before the Fed takes an action over the rates..." Kelime: 389

The future of humanity is shrouded in mystery

"..I realize that these giant brands are not only designing a product or a service, they are in fact designing the future..."  Kelime: 659

USD/TRY can touch below 3.40

As Florida hit by the Hurricane Irma, many experts are stating opinions that potential damages to the US economy by the storm and possible upcoming storms might cause the Fed to change its interest rate policy. Well, I must say I disagree with this projection. Kelime: 285